OnePlus 11 survives dangerous bend test, but not as expected

OnePlus 11 bend test

OnePlus 11 has ultimately survived the durability, particularly the bend test by JerryRigEverything. After the OnePlus 10 series that were easily breakable with bare hands, the company has developed a smartphone, which is capable to run in the long race of handsets.

As per the inputs revealing, the YouTuber tested the iconic model with several experiments. These tests include scratches, fire, and many other challenges. Gladly, the smart gadget has impressively handled all the tortures and scored good-enough grades.

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To be specific, the front screen panel can effectively hold up the usual scratches. The phone has further passed the burn test on the display and bears direct fire for more than 50 seconds without any damage, which is no less than a surprise.

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A kind of defect that appeared in the burn test was the fingerprint sensor. Consequently, it stopped working after hard scratches (measuring level 7 as per Moh’s hardness scale). Meanwhile, the entire structure of the device coped with other tests.

However, every machine has some flaws! And so we found it in the latest flagship as well. Eventually, OnePlus 11 barely stood up in the bend test as the rear side smashed out into cracks due to weak points around the camera housing.

OnePlus 11 bend test

But it’s still an improvement! How? Let’s find out.

Despite overall strength, the bend test has remained the weakest point for OnePlus handsets. The report speaks that OnePlus 10 Pro and the 10T have just given up on the bending experiment and were found into two halves.

Although this time, the company has modified the framework with OnePlus 11 and has implied such materials that led the phone to only a few creaks and cracks around the edges. Luckily, the condition of the fresh model is not as bad as the 10th phone lineup.

OnePlus 11 bend test

Even so, the smartphone is intact and working fine. Yes, it is a matter of concern if the rear panel is broken. But a relief point is you won’t face a time as the OnePlus 10 Pro and 10T model’s owner had!

You can check the full OnePlus 11 durability test below.